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Startup Weekend Toolkit

A custom set focussed on high-impact hackathon performance for organisers or participants of Startup Weekend competitions.

Includes: Golden Circle, #MASSIVE Canvas, Pixar Canvas, Lean Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Business Model Canvas, Mission Model Canvas, Value Chain Canvas, Target Customer, Interview Context Planner, Interview Questions, Interview Discussion Planner, Interview Notes, Jobs to be Done, Problem as a Comic, Solution as a Comic, Universal Pitch Deck, Jobs, Build and Measure.


Startup Weekend Toolkit (v1.2). Use as it is or customise to suit and share with your team or community. Use the digital post it notes around each slide to build your own models.

Google Slides

  • Read-only version. File > Save a copy to create your own. Google account required
  • Delete the tools that you do not need, add your own design treatment/branding. Easiest if you use Slide > Edit Master to update all slides at once.
  • Use the digital post it notes around the slide to build your startup
  • Copy and paste more slides and post its as required.
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