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Startup Science

We share open source toolkits for making a new startup. Use them online or download and print. Make them better and share back to the community. AboutThe Tools

Complete Toolkit

70+ pages you can use including tools to plan your mission, discover your business model and assemble your team. Includes #MASSIVE, Lean Canvas, Business Model Canvas, Mission Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, Experiment Designer, Culture Canvas and lots more.

Startup Science Toolkit

Every template you might ever need. Useful to run through a complete startup lifecycle.


It takes a lot of experience to gather this kind of knowledge.

Annie Parker

Co-Founder, Muru-D


These collections have been assembled to help specific jobs get done.

Hackathon Toolkit

Add your brand and share with hackathon participants. Or use it privately as a secret weapon to win!


Startup Weekend Toolkit

A ready made toolkit ready to customise for Startup Weekend events.


Ideation Workshop Toolkit

These templates are fabulous for running a workshop to generate new ideas or to refresh an existing one.



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Universal Pitch Deck

A starter pack for building your pitch. Includes all the elements that investors want to hear with notes on what the investor is thinking while you present it.

Universal Pitch Deck v1.2

A simple template to get you started with your pitch.


Kindle Books

Books written about Startup Science.

Startup Focus

Phil Morle and Mick Liubinskas take you through a practical primer for building your first startup.


60 Day Startup

Phil Morle and Sam Birmingham show you how to build a startup in 60 days with just 30 minutes per day.