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These toolkits began their life as resources for Pollenizer companies to get started quickly with discovering new business models. Over time they swelled with new templates created by the Pollenizer team and new discoveries made in the market. They are used today by entrepreneurs and big companies all over the world. When Pollenizer ceased operations in February 2017, it was important to the team that this valuable resource continued to be available and continued to grow with the help of the community that uses it.


There is one master toolkit with a number of subsets below. Each one is shared as a Google Slide deck and as a PDF. The Google Slide version has virtual post it notes around the main slide so that you can use a digital copy to build new models. Copy and past more post it notes and more slides as you need to for your startup. The PDF is read to print and is designed to use with small packs of post it notes.


Each tool is clearly marked with how it can be re-used. Generally the tools can be modified to suit your purposes. If you make any discoveries, we hope you will share them back to the community via the Facebook group and we will link to them on this site. Please respect the effort of those that have created these tools and properly attribute and note their specific licensing. If we have got something wrong, please let us know ( and we will update.